Our Team

VIVERE is run by a team of international entrepreneurs who love what they do and who they work with. With mentorship, development programmes and inspiration from business leaders, our employees have the opportunities and skills to be pioneers and innovators in their field.

"VIVERE’s aim is to become the number one specialised consumer brands and products player in the market. Our vision is to disrupt the typically long product development cycle with exceptional speed to market, whilst living up to the highest quality with innovative designs, top safety standards and generating sustainable margins."

We integrate all of the processes of a consumer goods product; from lab research to online sales optimisation. While our profiles are very different, we all find the motivation to combine our work into great products.

Our production and management teams are situated together in the heart of Hamburg, Germany. Connecting both worlds makes us fast, agile, and flexible.
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Vivere GmbH

Corporate offices: Dratelnstraße 20, 21109 Hamburg, Germany

Register entry: Hamburg District Court

VAT: DE290966200

Register number: HRB 159428

Amtsgericht Hamburg

Managing Directors: Sebastian Johnston, Christopher Glatzel

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