The future of consumer goods

Powered by nature, and ecological innovation, we are shaping the future of consumer goods. We use data and technology to create products that are valuable to the modern consumer and sustainable with mostly natural ingredients. We are dedicated to building lasting products, developing meaningful brands and distributing them on a global scale.










Private labels

There is nothing we wouldn't do for our private label partners.

We provide our customers with excellent speed to market on quality products by taking care of everything from design, R&D, manufacturing to packaging. 

These are the categories we deliver in with high speed to market and certified quality.


Personal Care

Wellness & Lifestyle

House & Garden

Pet Care





Launch your idea...

Do you have a great product or brand idea? Our team of experts can turn your product into reality in just six weeks. From design to production, just share your idea and we will do the rest!

How we do it...

From 0 to Hero

Product Development

The initial product or brand idea can come from various internal and external sources: Data, a lab publication, market research, collaborations, consumer feedbacks and industry trends.

With data at the core of our decision making, we develop brands and products that are relevant to today’s consumers.

Formula Engineering

With input from product development, our expert team of laboratory researchers study and create the product samples. They will always prefer natural ingredients and organic solutions to traditional synthetic formulations.

Safety and Compliance

All of our products and formulas are checked by our dedicated safety and compliance team to ensure top quality and safety for consumers.


We develop and implement custom marketing strategies for each brand. With an expert team of marketers we build social media, advertising and influencer strategies for brand awareness and reach.


Our team of talented creatives works together with marketing and product development to create unique designs, both for technical and graphical content.


Our production and management teams integrate together in one space. This direct communication gives strength to our supply chain making us fast, agile and flexible.


Our sales team works to give products the deserved visibility across all parts of the globe. From optimising search to customer service.


Our expert team manages our worldwide shipments in accordance to all local legislations and customer demands.

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