Belly is a brand created by animal lovers, designed to improve the health and wellbeing of dogs.

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Belly was launched by a team of animal experts with a passion for dogs. We wanted to build a community for pet owners, that focuses on the wellbeing of their animal. Our mission is to provide dogs with the ultimate pet care, designed with their health and happiness in mind. 

Oatmeal Shampoo

a gentle and soothing shampoo, made with oat proteins for sensitive dogs and puppies

Neat Dog

a long-lasting and natural fragrance, made from lavender, citrus and essential oils. 

Dental Care

a natural breath freshener for dogs that prevent cavities and plaque build up.

With an expert research team, we set out to create a product range that provides natural and effective solutions to all aspects of dog care. We are committed to ensuring the best future of pets, owners and the planet so we produce completely natural products with only recycled packaging.

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