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About us

We bridge data and technology to accelerate the growth of consumer brands. We are driven by the spirit of entrepreneurship, nature and quality

By leveraging future technologies, we create valuable FMCG products fulfilling modern consumer’s demands and expectations.

Materials development
Product development
Product management
social Compliant
quality assurance
Import Compliant
customs clearance
FMCg platform
Our spirit
Only organic,
certified ingredients
vegan & cruelty free
made in germany
internal R&d
german certified suppliers
highly qualified team
recommended by experts
certified products
horizontal integration
corporate governance
corporate social responsibility
social activities
protection of environment
international and multicultural team
corporate citizenship

We work with some of the world’s leading companies:


Our Platform

Build high-value global FMCG Brands and Products on our platform.
We are proud to be one of the fastest growing FMCG Companies and want to change the way people think about how FMCGs impact our health and environment. Our platform fosters ecological innovation, quality assurance and global distribution.


To service our innovation pipeline, we are constantly investing and expanding in our:

  • R&D Activities

  • Operational Infrastructure

  • Distribution Structure driving Quality and Throughput

We want to shape the future of FMCG and reinvent the FMCG World on a daily basis.


Shaping the future of FMCG:

We leverage our deeper understanding of the consumer, what they want and what is important, so we can design the products and experiences they care about.


We are excited to partner with like-minded entrepreneurs, disrupters, researchers, marketplaces, wholesalers and distributors.

Customer centricity

Our main goal to be trustworthy - Proving reliability by delivering on promises. Customers and partners have to feel confident every time they do business with us.

“If you want others to be happy, practice compassion. If you want to be happy, practice compassion.”

Case studies

To service our innovation pipeline, we are constantly investing and expanding in our R&D Activities, Operational Infrastructure and Distribution Structure driving Quality and Throughput. We want to shape the future of FMCG and reinvent the FMCG World on a daily basis.

Head of International Sales

We are excited to partner with a set of like-minded Entrepreurs, Researchers, Marketplaces, Wholesalers and Distributors helping innovative products to scale, and make living a healthy and sustainable life easier for everyone.

Supply Chain Manager

We are doing Consumer Goods with Passion for the Development of Civilisation in Harmony with Nature. We build brands, high quality products and a global distribution network. By leveraging future technologies we thrive to create highest quality Products fulfilling modern consumer’s demands and expectations.

Head of Supply Chain






















Work with Us

Since 2017, we have built more than 450 FMCGs.

VIVERE is your best shot to build a globally important Consumer Good.

Welcome to VIVERE!

At our company you work in a modern horizontally integrated business and contribute to leading market positions in either area of Consumer Goods.

As a company with German heritage, VIVERE also stands for a success story of operational and organizational excellence, good corporate governance, protection of the environment and responsible corporate citizenship.

We believe in doing business with compassion. We provide a positive-cultural working environment and development programs to build up your strengths helping you to advance on your career of choice.
Moreover, we help employees balance their private and family life with work and stand by them in good and in difficult times. Help, guidance, financial aid and scholarships all serve to return the loyalty and trust that our staff puts in us.

We also invite everyone to join our various outings or social activities and to get engaged in community support. This way we can lift the spirit of our people at work and support their relationship with their loved ones.

At VIVERE we hold the principle that social responsibility starts with your own people.

To begin with, every employee has equal opportunities, regardless of nationality, religion, gender, color, age, sexual orientation, or disability.

In fact, we welcome diversity in the workplace as it enriches our company and inspires new perspectives.

Our mission is solving problems of your daily life

We love creating innovative beauty and personal care brands from the ground up.

Here at Vivere GmbH, we developed a unique formula of product development methods to test and ensure our products are top notch and to live up to highest customer expectations.

Our channels reach millions of women and men across the world every month. This powerful combination of greatest products and global distribution defines our invincible brands.

Our company is run by talented, goal-oriented people who love to go the extra mile and to look for a new challenge.

We are proud of our products and their impact on lifestyle and consumer trends. On the way to our success we’ve built a strong set of values.  

Innovation is an ongoing focus of daily life, we constantlyaim to create an environment in which creative ideas can flourish and be realised with the best support. 

“Quality is never an accident, it is always the result of intelligent effort” In a world of fast decisions and unexpected events, we are always dedicated to deliver high quality products and processes and improve them even further. 

Respect & Equality
A respectful approach to every single stakeholder is the factor of our success.Our strength is the diversity of our personalities and cultural background; our employees come from over 15 countries. 

Result Orientation
Critical situations are our battlefield, a new challenge means for us a new big new opportunity.
The value of a company is generally based on the happiness of both customers and employees. We always measure our performance and their satisfaction to ensure the best results.

We believe that joy at work leads to great outcomes.
Personal growth, true friendships, frequent team events: our team knows how to enjoy company life!

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